What You Will Learn

CREST looks at the P3M system through five lenses:

  • Challenges: Have you identified your most important risks and issues? Does your plan address them?
  • Resources: Are your people and budget balanced correctly to accomplish your objectives?
  • Evaluation: How are you measuring yourself? Do you know where the problems are, and can you tell if they are being addressed?
  • Schedule: Are activities being done in the right order? Where is the critical path? What are the drivers?
  • Technical: Are you covering the full scope of what you need to do? Are you sure? What about your team and your stakeholders?

A CREST workshop will provide you with a thorough review of your management system's ability to support your mission, and give you the insight you need to achieve success.

What You Will Do

Participate! Students bring their own current, real life issues and we work them right in class. It's more than learning about the topic, it is also applying that knowledge to your particular problem. Previous offerings have resulted  in PMs walking out with:

  • expanded risk registers,
  • analysis of the program critical path,
  • identified shortcomings in key project assumptions and constraints,
  • a reorganized, MIL-STD 881 compliant work breakdown structure,
  • ...and more!

Certifications/PDUs Supported

Course syllabus signed by the instructor are provided to students on request. This is accpeptable documentation for most professional certifications, including but not limited to:

  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Personal Development Units (PDUs)
  • Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACEI) Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
  • Internation Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Certification Professional Development Units (PDUs)





Facilities Needed

CREST courses are typically workshops requiring a room where small groups can interact at common tables. Sufficient power outlets to support laptop computers or tablets and other charged devices are desirable, as is an accessible Wi-Fi service.

Duration and Pricing

CREST training is tailored for each customer depending on the organizational challenge(s), class size, location, and other factors. Workshops are typically between 1 and 4 days depending on the scope of challenges, while costs are between $10k and $25k for up to 25 students. Contact John Driessnack for an estimate for your team.