PPPM is About Finding the Best Way to Reach Your Objectives

Over the last five decades the Project Management Institute has advanced the art and science of project, program, and portfolio management by supporting research and best practice discovery among over 2.9 million professionals working in nearly every country and industry in the world. Olde Stone consultants are heavily involved with this effort, both as on-the-ground practitioners working with clients and as contributing authors to PMI publications. 

How This Helps You

Here at Olde Stone, we have seen a lot of what can go wrong in an organization. We have also helped turn that around to make things go right. That said, no one has seen it all, so if you have a problem that is truly new and unique we have the connections to reach out across the globe if need be to find someone that can get you pointed in the right direction.

The PPPM framework for looking at organizational management gives us a rubric supported by millions of practitioners in thousands of industries that we can apply to your problem. Whether it is aligning programmatic goals to strategy (portfolio management), optimizing resource allocation among projects (program management), or the blocking and tackling of cost and schedule control (project management), we have the knowledge, experience, and connections to help you get the most out of your organization.