What You Will Learn

The Senior FAC Leadership Program course is aligned with the revised FAC-P/PM Core Competency Model. The Core Competencies include:

  1. Requirements Development and Management Processes
  2. Systems Engineering
  3. Test and Evaluation
  4. Life Cycle Logistics
  5. Contracting
  6. Business, Cost and Financial Management
  7. Leadership

The course features the application of these competencies to current real-world issues provided by participants, with a special emphasis on strategies for implementing solutions outside the classroom.

What You Will Do

The group is divided into cohorts of 4-6 students each. Each cohort is tasked with approaching challenges from a senior leadership point of view. Key activities include:

  • Participants bring their own program's current challenges to the cohort
  • During a staff ride exercise at Antietam National Battlefield, draw parallels between problems experienced in a crucial Civil War battle to your own issues
  • Lead a problem-solving exercise on cohort challenges (facilitated by the instructor)
  • Practice giving effective feedback to peers 
  • Work with your cohort to bring solutions back to your real-world program

Certifications/PDUs Supported

This course supports the Federal Acquisition Institute Senior Level Certification in Program and Project Management. Please visit the FAC-P/PM website for a full list of certification requirements.




Course prerequisites for the FAC-P/PM certification are listed on the FAC-P/PM website. 

Facilities Needed

FAC-P/PM courses are typically workshops requiring a room where small groups can interact at common tables. Sufficient power outlets to support laptop computers or tablets and other charged devices are desirable, as is an accessible Wi-Fi service.

Duration and Pricing

FAC-P/PM sessions last from 4-9 months, and will usually involve 80+ hours of participation time. Costs per student range from $5k-$6.5k. Larger classes will cost less per student, but take more time due to the larger number of problem cases reviewed within each cohort. Contact John Driessnack for an estimate for your team.