The Olde Stone Approach

Our customers are typically leaders of large programs or organizations who have run into what we call "wicked problems". Every organization has these, and even the most talented, knowledgeable, and experienced leaders occasionally benefit from having subject matter experts who can help them get over the speed bumps that get in the way of achieving your goals. Olde Stone provides that expertise, and works with your staff to transfer that knowledge so that you become the experts. Key tenets of our consulting solutions include:

  • Working with you and your staff to understand your real problem before we suggest a solution
  • Using real experts with specific, proven tools and methods to solve your problem
  • Acting as a force multiplier by transferring knowledge and expertise to your staff

The Olde Stone Advantage

  • We save you money, because we do it right
  • Our goal is to fix it and move on; we are not trying to sell bodies

How to Hire Us

Please reach out to John Driessnack for the best way to contract with Olde Stone. For commercial organizations a simple consulting agreement is typically the easiest way to work with us, while for federal agencies we have several partners and vehicles available to use in order to get us on contract.

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