DAU posts Professor Driessnack's videos on his unique framework for root cause analysis

DAU posted, as part of the DAG Dialog series, Professor John Driessnack's two videos on his framework for analysis and assessment of programs.  These videos outline the Driessnack cubes, which he uses to look at the root cause of program challenges.   In the first video, John discusses using frameworks to help you do analysis and assessments on programs.  He reviews his framework that consists of three cube.  First is the Analysis Cube (scope, structure, lifecycle, institutional rules, and knowledge areas).  Second is the Assessment Cube (energy, decisions, stability, linkage, and discipline).  Third is the Wisdom Cube (governance, leadership, system, team, and culture).  The cubes can be used as a work breakdown structure of a program review.   He describes how to use the cubes to make comparisons and contracts across the various areas of a broad review of a program. 

In the second video, John discusses how his background influenced the development of the Driessnack Cube (dice) frameworks.  First the creation of the analysis and assessment cube, then the creation of the wisdom cube.   He discusses how the cubes help you take a systems engineering approach of breaking down the management challenges and building it back up to a solution. How analysis then feeds the assessment which then brings in the OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) to make sure the right and wise decision are made.   He challenges you to build your own framework by pulling from various frameworks.

You can watch the set at Driessnack's Cubes