Working With You to Understand Your Issues

A Senior Olde Stone Analyst has many years of experience both working as consultant and as a program/project manager.  We don't have a preconceived notion of your problem; we know that we need to listen and observe in order to understand the issues you are dealing with. 

We also know how the overall program management system works, and how each part affects the others. When we identify the components that need attention, we bring in subject matter experts to work with your team to both fix the problem and impart the knowledge you need to keep it from coming back. Our goal is not to sell you the maximum number of hours, our goal is to a) help you figure out your problem, and b) work with you so that your team has the capability to avoid or overcome it going forward.

What sets us apart from many firms is that we are not selling a pre-conceived solution and hoping that it addresses your problem. Our consultants are truly world leaders in their field, and we pride ourselves in using our expertise to save you time, save money, and help your team improve their own capabilities.

Providing Tangible Solutions

At Olde Stone, we want to do more than provide a set of recommendations for you to go implement. In most cases we directly contribute to key program management and/or system engineering deliverables. Examples include:

  • Business Case Analysis
  • Analysis of Alternatives per GAO-15-37 requirements
  • Life Cycle Cost Estimate
  • Integrated Master Plan and Integrated Master Schedule
  • Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • ...and many others!