809 Panel Volume 3 Recommends a Multitiered Portfolio Management Framework

Section 809 Panel released Vol 3 on 15 Jan 2019.   This final report’s section 2 is titled, “Portfolio Management Framework” (starts on page 49 of the report).  Recommendations 36, 37, 38, and 39 in this section outline a move from program-centric to a portfolio-centric framework that is multitiered with a systems view. One portfolio set is led by a Portfolio Acquisition Executive (PAE), which replaces the current Program Executive Officer (PEO) structure. The other portfolio set is led by Enterprise Capability Portfolio (ECP) co-leaders.   The concept leverages the ANSI portfolio management standard best practices published by PMI while also being innovative in covering the dynamic tension between effectiveness and efficiency, as well as the polarity between the military services and Department of Defense (DoD). A portfolio approach is not new, as DoD published directive 7045.20 in 2008, but it failed in implementations. The 809 Panel recommendation creates multitiered framework that covers the total lifecycle systems management (TLCSM) with PAE with systems views. Then it overlaps that with the capability focused portfolio with a joint/combatant commander views.   The top level policy to implement it includes in the report in the form of a proposed rewrite of the DoDD 5000.01 that pulls the current capability portfolio directive DoDD 7045.20 into a broader “BIG A” view. The Panel names this Big A view the “Defense Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Framework (DCASF). Underlying the approach is empowerment with “command by negation as the principle doctrine” for streamlined and effective management. 

Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits portfolio management can bring to your organization? How will the portfolio approach, if adopted, affect your work with DoD and the defense and federal industry? Join the dialog and be a part of the change!